art in public space, varnish on shopping windows.
commissioned piece for the festival liquid music, Judenburg, A, 2013
Judenburg, A, 2013, photos by Sabine Maier
Pre/scriptions in the gallery and in the public space in the town of Judenburg, Austria. Lettering in stencil technique, white dispersion brushed onto different surfaces, mostly shopping windows.

Martin Breindl intentionally misunderstands the places he finds on site. By “describing” their surface with his misinterpretations, he changes their everyday references and meanings—he “prescribes” them (and himself); doing so he perhaps releases their hidden poetic, anarchic, or philosophical dimensions.
540 x 400 cm, 4c print on canvas.
Commissioned piece for the project In die Stadt einschreiben (To Inscribe into the City) by the Institute for Art in Public Space, Styria. Facade of the Academic Gymnasium, Graz, A, 2011
Academic Gymnasium, Graz, A, 2011, photos by farbraum cc
As an analog display, the wall of a central educational institution was used as a window from and into reality by displaying the works of a number of Austrian and international artists. The reception took place both in the everyday use of the urban space and “behind the wall” in the learning room of young people. The contributions changed every 6—9 weeks, thus expanding a busy inner-city square by one dimension over a period of more than one year.

Invited artists were: Martin Breindl, Pia Lanzinger / Michael Hauffen, Gerhard Rühm, Ingeborg Strobl and Milica Tomic.
varnish on shopping window.
Galerie Splitter Art, Vienna, A, 2010
exhibition view Galerie Splitter Art, Vienna, 2010; photo by Sabine Maier