series of triptychs, 35 x 50 cm each, crayon on paper, framed, 2007 - ongoing
Since 2007 I have been working on a series of pieces which try to dismantle the distinction between text, graphics, visual art and media in a most simple but subtle form. One recurring thread within this body of works is the examination of our notions, conceptions and views of the sea.

Martin Breindl’s graphic cycle Die Sehnsucht nach dem Meer (konkrete Version) translates the “longing for the sea” into a literal “description” of identical motifs. An imaginary horizon line splits the superimposed words HIMMEL und MEER, or SKY and SEA, in two and reconstructs them. Step by step, Breindl lends concrete substance to the composition by applying the same method to different manifestations and a spectral perception of the motif, almost incidentally revealing it to be a mirror image. (eyes on. European Month of Photography Vienna. Vienna, fotohof edition, 2016)

Longing for the Sea (concrete version), 2007; photo: Wolfgang Müllner

Le désir de la mer (version concrète), 2007; photo: Wolfgang Müllner

Die Sehnsucht nach dem Meer (konkrete Verision), 2007; photo: Wolfgang Müllner

La brama del mare (versione concreta), 2017; photo: Wolfgang Müllner


___ Gallery Prozor, Belgrade, SRB, “BelgradePhotoDays” 2017
___ Atelier Setzer-Tschiedl, Vienna, A, “European Month of Photography”, 2016
ORT*UNG #1—#4
crayon on paper, c print, framed, 85 x 60 cm, 2017
a landscape that withdraws.
a language that does not change.
a naming of what one sees.
a seeing of names that are given.

* iceland, january and july 2016

___ Ultima Thule. Island as Narration, FLUSS, Schloss Wolkersdorf, 2018
a (small) selection

Without Title, 35 x 50 cm each, crayon on paper, 2018

In Between, 30 x 42 cm each, graphite on paper, 2007

another (small) selection
exhibition view Galerie Splitter Art, Vienna, 2007; photo by Martin Breindl

Without Title, 40 x 80 cm each, varnish on glass, 2007

exhibition view k Atelier Judenburg, 2013; photo by Sabine Maier

Without Title, 40 x 120 cm each, varnish on glass, 2013

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